The Company

ISO-CENTER is among the leading companies in Switzerland trading in technical insulation and insulating materials used in connection with technical building services and industrial insulation applications. We consider ourselves a total supplier.

At our five business sites in Basel, Dübendorf, St. Gallen, Wiedlisbach and Puidoux, we have over 40 employees and store about 3,500 articles in more than 10,000 square meters of storage space. Orders are processed competently by our employees and dispatched quickly to whatever location you desire thanks to the company's fleet of vehicles and reliable logistics partners. You can also collect orders yourself from our shop.

Our employees receive specific training on technical insulating materials. Our field-service staff provides optimum support on questions regarding insulating materials or procedures for working with them.

As specialists we can purchase large quantities from our suppliers. As a customer, you profit from attractive offers.

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Solutions have to meet ever more complex requirements. Performance is no longer measured strictly by technical feasibility. Today products have to comply with ecological demands and government regulations. We have just the product for you.

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When it comes to insulation for industrial applications, a ready-made solution can rarely be pulled out of a hat. In cases like these, customisation is called for. And ISO-CENTER is just the company to contact for custom solutions. Our solid technical expertise is based on years of experience with insulation materials.

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We are also well-versed in logistics. Orders are processed competently by our employees and with our fleet of vehicles and reliable logistics partners delivered just-in-time to the specified address. Our customers expect impeccable services and that is what we always give them. The only way our customers, too, can operate efficiently and profitably is if the right products are delivered to the right place at the right time.

Customers can also collect orders themselves from our shops in Basel, Dübendorf, St. Gallen, Wiedlisbach and Puidoux if need be. With our broad product range and myriad systems, we can always give you an objective and neutral recommendation on the best solution.

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Our Vision

Each and every employee is crucial to shaping our performance.
We attain our true strength when we work as a team.
We tackle our work with enthusiasm for our profession and a keen sense of service for our customers.
Customer satisfaction is our top priority.

ISO-CENTER is intent on further improving its market position in Switzerland. To achieve this goal, we combine friendliness, a high level of professional competence and an appealing portfolio (comprehensive range, products of the highest quality) with superbly functioning logistics and supplier partnerships that are based on years of trust.