VIP Vacuum Insulated Panels

Material Description

The core of the vacuum insulated panels (VIPs) consists primarily of micro porous silicic acid. A gas-tight composite film envelops this core material, within which a vacuum is created and to which an air-tight seal is applied. VIPs can be produced in any shape desired. Recesses are possible, as are 2-D and 3-D shapes. The creation of the vacuum gives the panels a thermal conductivity of around 0.035 to 0.007 W/(m·K) depending on the model. The weight per unit volume is not a performance parameter and amounts to about 150 to 250 kg/m3. The panels can also be produced as multi-layered products with different cover layers depending on their use or to protect the composite film.

Temperature Range

The temperature at which the VIPs are used depends on the enveloping film and ranges from about - 50 to +90°C.

Possible Areas of Use

Refrigerators and freezers, household appliances, medical engineering, laboratory devices, facilities engineering, hot water tanks, containers, vehicle bodies, shipping and warehouse containers, plant construction and engineering, new buildings, and renovations


With their extremely low thermal conductivity, VIPs deliver an insulating performance up to eight times better than conventional insulation materials. This efficient insulating performance and the ultra-compactness resulting from it open up whole new possibilities for planners and developers. Especially when elegant, space-saving construction is desired.

The above values are approximate and apply to the entire category of material. For precise technical data, please consult the respective product sheets.

VIP Vacumm Insulated Panels

Shortage of space? VIP vacuum insulated panels from ISO-CENTER fit into any gap.